Seasonal Vaccination Updates

Most flu shots are reserved for patients who get primary and speciality care at Sansum Clinic – while supplies last.

The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone 6 months of age and older to protect against flu and its potentially serious complications. The flu vaccine is especially important for people at higher risk of developing serious flu complications, including those 65 years and older, pregnant people, young children and people with certain chronic medical conditions.  Schedule your flu shot as soon as possible to ensure protection by the time the flu season is anticipated to be in full swing.

Patients ages 65 years and older will be provided high-dose vaccines, while supplies last. If the high-dose vaccine is not available, we recommend that you get the regular dose and do not delay your vaccination.

Beginning September 11, flu vaccines will be offered during already-scheduled visits at Sansum Clinic primary care, urgent care and some specialty care departments. Patients under 12 years of age may only receive the flu vaccine at our Pediatrics Department at 51 Hitchcock Way in Santa Barbara.

Patients can log in to MyChart to directly schedule flu shot appointments for September 11 or later. For MyChart questions, call the MyChart Help Desk at (805) 898-3333, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm.

Patients may also call our Flu Hotline at (805) 681-7805 to schedule a flu shot appointment for September 11th or later. 

Flu vaccines will be billed to insurance and documented in the patient’s medical record.

Sansum Clinic is offering flu shots at a variety of locations including Clinic departments, including our Pueblo and Pesetas pharmacies. Appointments are required.

For the safety of our staff who are providing flu vaccines, no dogs please, even if you are receiving your flu shot in the car.